Tuesday, November 9, 2010


so, my day has been full of blessings. first, i woke to 2 little voices down the hall... mazerick had his cousin brody spend the night, and they had a blast. they are a joy. second, i got to blow the rest of the leaves off of our lawn... with my moms new snowblower. it was awesome and fun. third, i got to spend some quality time with the man i love. he is amazing. that leads me to a song that i heard later in the evening by sanctus real that is awesome... the song is on my next blog. anyway, yeah. it's good. i am so happy with where God has me in life. it's not always easy, but i know he's in control, and that makes me full of joy... and fortunately i'm in a spot in my life where not only is m life full of joy, but it's also full of happiness. sure, some days are extremely hard, but i know that i've got a great support system... my husband, my family, my friends... shoot, even my kid. lot's of people to love. God is good. anyway, on with my list of blessings from today.... so, there was the quality time with my husband, and after he went to work i got some quality time with my computer :) facebook, browsing blogs, etc. then... i had quality time with "my girls" minus the lovely jenni blye who is now serving in sunny and warm florida. congrats to jenni! and then, i got to go to a "training" for the holy walk. i am really, really excited about it. you should definitely go. I found a pretty good description in the Chicago paper online... "This walk-through living history presentation features volunteers who portray characters from Roman soldiers to shepherds tending sheep, the Holy Family and a live nativity. Check the website for more information. Dec. 3-4, 2010."
anyway, it should be fun... hmmmm, my font changed.

after the "training" was over i went to pick up mazerick from my mom who so graciously watched him last minute so i didn't have to take him. as i was leaving i opened the door and said, "and he told me all about the chocolate." and maz said, "did you just call me andy?" the kid is freakin hilarious.

the end.

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