Monday, July 18, 2011


you may have noticed it too.  someone pointed it out last night.  i have this desire to study together.  and, when it doesn't work i just quit.  well, i don't really quit.  i just move on to things that work better for me.  i have been gifted with faith and encouragement.  i have a huge amount of belief in God and the things that He is doing, and it comes so easy for me.  i don't say that to brag, but to just let you know where i'm at.  and, i love giving encouragement.  that also comes easier for me because of my strong faith.  back to my original point.  i like to study together.  but, it's not easy for me to stay in one spot (in scripture) if i'm not doing it with someone.  if i'm just doing my relationship with God on my own there is so much encouragement in scripture and through people and things that i just have to move around...  and, i don't usually finish the "study" if i'm doing it on my own.  it works better for me to go where i get the encouragement from.

*hilarious*  conversation i just had with mazerick :)

he keeps falling on me as i'm sitting here on the couch and i said, "i don't know what i'm going to do with you."  and he says while laughing.... "what?  gonna put me in the garage sale?"  i laughed.  and he was like, "you know you don't want to get rid of me."  and i said of course not.  mind you the whole time we're laughing.  i was like, "where'd you get that from?"  and he was like all giggly and said "just got the idea."  ha!  what a kid :)

the main intent of this post was to let everyone (all 2 of you) that read this that the phillipians study didn't last.  i actually have been on another blog following their study of phillipians :) or something like that.  and, i've been jumping all over the place when it comes to reading the bible and hearing fromm God cause well... that's the way i roll :)


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