Friday, May 6, 2011

i know, i know....

some people get really frustrated with the rob bell controversy....  if you fall in this category, feel free to stop reading here.  but, it's something that i'm revisiting.  it's something that keeps coming up in conversations.  i have wanted to stop giving it any credence, but it is what it is...  we may as well allow it to grow us.  i really, really, really get frustrated with everyone attacking so much.  sure, i don't agree with everything that rob bell is teaching.  but, i still love the guy.  he's still given me a lot to think about, and he's most definitely opened up some interesting discussion between believers and nonbelievers alike.  I do agree that we shouldn't judge something before reading the book that is being judged.  I'm simply stating these opinions based upon conversations that I've seen or read, and the effects that they are having on me.

I read an article by Eugene Peterson (author of "the Message) that I really agreed with... I especially enjoyed reading the discussions that followed...  I encourage you to read it.

I also saw an interview with Bell himself that I really appreciate...  You can see it here.  It is an hour interview, but it was a good one.

All this to say a few things... false prophets are not cool.  But, I won't put Bell in that category.  Sure, it sucks that he's bringing all this into this light (or does it?).  All I'm saying is, let's not allow our own naivities frustrate us to the point of attacks.  Or, lets not allow our own pride push us to attack.  Just saying.

Oh yeah, if I didn't mention it before... I DO NOT AGREE with 100% of what Bell is pushing, but I do still respect him and appreciate him.

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